Best MS Dynamics CRM Apps for Sales Teams

Best MS Dynamics CRM Apps for Sales Teams

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You can not deny that the high-end smart apps make smartphones very attractive. So the fact that the number of smartphones users in the world already exceeded the 2 billion is not surprising. One of the best things associated with using smartphones is that they allow keeping all the important business ideas, information, notes, documents, tips and many other important things on a small device you can easily put in your pocket. The other thing is that today, you can use MS Dynamics CRM not only on your computer but on your phone as well.

Mobile CRM apps can help you to track prospects and opportunities and leverage on sales forecasts, schedule meetings, conduct seamless sales and marketing campaigns, contact management team and keeping a note of everything related to your job. If you are interested in more opportunities, contact Dynamics CRM consultants from Tricension. What is more, you can always find the way to have the most effective app for your business by contacting software developers. But now let us learn about best MS Dynamics CRM apps sales team can use.

1. Resco Mobile CRM

If you are a salesperson involved in marketing, it will be hard for you to find more useful app than Resco Mobile CRM. It offers a bunch of great features, including access and sharing of contacts, accounts and data.
The app works in the offline mode.

2. Outlook Client

If you need an app to provide you with easy access to relevant information from Dynamics CRM Online, Outlook client app is the answer. The app provides access for end-users smothering the entire process of tracking emails, helps to find records in MS Dynamics CRM, see related entities, and open records in a web-browser view. Also, it is one of the greatest apps to run an e-mail campaign.

3. Sales Navigator

This app is the best to provide you with information about the prospect including photos, current profile, work history directly within MS Dynamics CRM.

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