Psychologically Stretching Daily Is Needful

Psychologically Stretching Daily Is Needful

Did you stretch today? I am not talking about before you went running, walking, or any other form of workout. I want to know if you stretched your mind? Do you ever? Did you think you even needed to?

We all know that jocks stretch before any form of exercise or preparation. This is absolutely indispensable for them in order to not hurt their body. The stretching helps the athlete to have better circulation. I am no athlete by any means, but I always thought it ridiculous that athletes stretched before whatever physical exertion they did. If I’d stretched beforehand, I’d been too tired to have done the exercise! Little did I know that stretching was a major key to their achievement and good health.

Stretching mentally is just as advantageous as stretching our body. If it is so important for us physically, surely it is just as good for us mentally. Stretching our psyche gives us a way to allow time for mental training. Mental stretching can be beneficial to such skills as visualization, and therefore, leading us up the ladder to high achievement.

Sometimes we need to “go out of the box” and do something distinguishable We need to conceive the possibilities that are out there. Is working a 40 hour week the only way to earn a living? Millions of people say “no” to that question. They have stretched their minds by coming up with optional ways to earn an income. Many have mentally stretched and figured out ways to make money online. They not only earn an income, they ‘re doing this from the comforts of their own home?or any place they might be!

Stretching our minds mentally may open up a whole new world of opportunities. We may start working a home-based business. We may stretch our minds to see that anything is possible. We may overcome low self-esteem. We may even decide that every difficulty has a solution.

A person who has low self-esteem rarely has a desire to stretch?physically or mentally. They don’t feel they can carry out what anyone else does, so why try. They may have a higher ability to achieve, but just can’t see themselves in that profile. They can only see themselves working for somebody else 40 hours a week. They can’t stretch their brains to see themselves making a living using their computer.

This idea is why many people do not try to make money online fast. They do not feel self-assured enough to venture out of their comfort zone. If network marketing is new to them, they may not stretch mentally enough to see what potential it has to offer them. They just are determined to be content with the way things are.

Lots of people think that to be successful you have to be a genius, or possess some great qualities that others don’t have. This is not completely true. It is a common mistake for some to think the wealthy and successful inherited some magical powers which they didn’t get. Success is due to our stretching to the situations of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them.

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