What is direct marketing

What is direct marketing

Direct marketing is the promotion of goods or services when the brand interacts directly with the client. This is a dialogue, individual relationship: letter, SMS, direct sale, call, personal discount, 주식광고문자.

Why you need direct marketing

It helps the company to respond quickly and make cool offers to help the audience make decisions.

It helps to sell faster because it is focused on the goal – an interested audience. A targeted campaign for the interests, age, status of the client is more likely to give a quick result – order, request, registration, etc.

It helps to communicate directly with the client. With the impression for the client that you really know what he needs. This makes it easier for him to make decisions: buy, register, go to the course and so on.

The effectiveness of direct marketing is easy to measure, unlike the effectiveness of mass advertising. It is based on the rapid implementation of hypotheses and metrics – the percentage of opening, reading, the number of sales, the popularity of a particular advertising message.

Pros of direct marketing:

Speed: Unlike other types of marketing (SEO, content, SMM), direct marketing is results driven. Its tools work faster and require less investment (the price depends on the advertising channel).

Audience segmentation: in direct marketing, it is important to separate the audience in order to test messages on different groups, constantly select and refine promotion strategies.

Continuous evaluation of results: it is important to analyze what worked and what did not. Take advantage of what is effective and modify what is less effective.

Difficulty for a marketer: direct marketing requires a lot of attention, a company needs a specialist to use this tool who will not combine marketing with some other tasks.

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